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Two Rabbits

Cafe - Aperitif Bar

Welcome and hello!

We are Carina and Tom Hausknecht.

Two "old" gastro bunnies from Linz's old town, who have decided to refine your day,

now in our own cafe, the Two Rabbits.

From breakfast to an aperitivo! 

Feel good with us and enjoy life together with friends, acquaintances, colleagues or family.

Experience extraordinary flair, the best wine and sparkling water with fine bar snacks.

Uncomplicated, but still with style.

But what exactly is an "aperitivo"?

The glass after work, before dinner, with friends... start the end of the day, enjoy life, indulge in indulgence, short vacation for the head... that's how "Aperitivo" works! 

The aperitivo not only has a long tradition in Italy, but is also the epitome of a positive, enjoyable attitude towards life. You meet your loved ones at a bar, order a drink or two and enjoy small snacks.

Incidentally, the term comes from the Latin verb "aperire", which means something like "to open". The idea behind it: A sparkling or often slightly bitter drink should stimulate the appetite and "open" the stomach. The aperitivo does not replace dinner, rather it prepares for it.

And who says that this only works in Italy? 

This joie de vivre, this simplicity and this pure enjoyment of life can not only be found in Italy, but also with us!

We look forward to your visit!

your rabbits


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